Barack Obama Was the First President to Weaponize the IRS


Back to the early days of the Obama administration, you had the Tea Party rising up. Remember that the Tea Party rose up you had these this grassroots effort to try and defeat the ObamaCare law. And Obama summoned Lois learner to The White House and told her to go after all of these Tea Party groups to start investigating these people. And they did. Barack Obama was the first president to weaponize the Internal Revenue Service. I was working at Fox News channel at the time. I had switched over by then I had switched over and I was a commentator, so I was they were paying me for my opinion at Fox. And one day I get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. And they said, you are going to be audited. First time in my life that I had faced an Internal Revenue Service audit. And the next year I got another audit. And so I went to, I went to the folks, the powers that be at Fox News, and I said, hey, look, you know, what's going on here? Can you guys help me out? Because when you get audited, what do you have to do? Well, you have to go out and hire an accountant. Got to get yourself an attorney. You don't want to be, you don't want to be facing off against the IRS by yourself. So your fork and over a lot of money. To try and work all of this out. And so I asked Fox, what's going on here? And they said, get in line, pal. They're coming after all of us. So not only were they going after the Tea Party groups, they were also going after conservative journalist. During the Obama years, I was audited three times. Three times. Cleared every single time. But it cost me time, it cost me effort. It cost me money. It cost me aggravation.

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