How Russ Vought Is Standing Up for the Good Guys


Joining us right now is Russ vote from the wonderful center for renewing America. He's one of the few fighters out there. It's a great organization. Rus welcome back to the program. Thanks, Charlie. I appreciate it. All right, Russ, let's talk about the FBI. You guys are involved in many different ways of trying to stand up for the good guys. Tell us the latest. Yeah, our belief is that we need to have a permanent stand-alone committee and not permanent, but a stand-alone committee outside the normal committees that provides an institution that actually gets at the bottom of all of the deep state agencies starting first and foremost with the FBI, which is weaponized against the American people. And it's not just the elements of the Russia hoax. It's, you know, them being weaponized against parents concerned about CRT at school board meetings. And so we're pushing very hard right now for Republicans to make a commitment to stand this up and have people on this committee like Jim Jordan and Dan bishop and others who will not buckle in the face of a deep state that will be opposed to that kind of oversight. But our hope is that that leads to establishing the full case of the American people. So we have a super majority out there that can inform the next presidential race and then that can also help us know specifically what reforms are needed to break up the FBI as we know it.

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