Rep. Dan Bishop Corners Rep. Mondaire Jones Using His Own Words


Dan bishop, Republican from North Carolina talking to mondaire Jones who's far left Democrat from New York. Listen to this exchange because congressman bishop was quoting congressman mondaire Jones who said that officer Brian sicknick at the capitol was bludgeoned to death. Did I hear? And I think did you say that police officer was bludgeoned to death by the crowd at the January 6th riots? I said a police officer was bludgeoned to death. I did not say at the hands of whom mister bishop. Who are you referring to if you don't mind saying? And get that information for you in a few minutes. Well, I just want to make sure because are you denying that capitol police that at least one capitol police officer was murdered in the midst of what happened on January 6th? Yeah, I think I am. Here's what I understood that there were reports early on that sicknick was struck with the fire extinguisher. And that subsequently was debunked as false. He died of natural causes that were not connected to the event. Are we talking about the same person's sickness or are we talking about somebody else? Seriously, I mean, this is a genuine question. The medical examiner, the U.S. capitol police put out a report agreeing with the medical examiner finding the USCP officer. Well, just an initial thought and I know that mister Roy, you two are an attorney. Mister bishop speaks often about how brilliant of an attorney he is. We're talking about but four causation of officer sickness death. And so I would hope that you would at least concede at a minimum that mister sickman died as a result of what happened on January 6th. And I'm disappointed if you would suggest otherwise. Well, I mean, look, I don't think that's the stammering because he can't believe that the guy said that.

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