Who Was Mikhail Gorbachev?


Yesterday, Mikhail Gorbachev passed away. Now for many young people out there, they have no idea who Gorbachev is. In fact, I was talking to some young people recently. I said, oh, you know, tell me about the Soviet Union never heard of the Soviet Union. In high school, never heard of the Soviet Union. They don't learn that stuff in school anymore. Now Gorbachev was a very special leader. Gorbachev by all estimates was ethical and full of integrity. In a country that was basically run by thugs and criminals and was nothing more than a massive cartel enterprise. Now Gorbachev was met with a fair amount of anti Soviet Union protests and he was one of the first people not to crack down on the anti communist anti totalitarian protest with force. Now, Gorbachev is not totally beloved in Eastern Europe. He's not. In fact, Vladimir Putin has said many times that one of the greatest mistakes that Russia ever made was the dissolution of the Soviet Union, brokered by Gorbachev. Gorbachev ended the Cold War. And yes, Gorbachev was outmaneuvered and out strategized by Reagan, but he was always inclined towards peace. Gorbachev was probably too good of a person to run the Soviet Union. And he did bring a lot of he brought a movement of sovereignty of in Estonia and Lithuania and Latvia in the Balkan Peninsula. The Soviet union was a far reaching totalitarian communist blanket over the eastern part of Europe and a lot of that has broken up and Russia is doing their best job to try to recreate that. Albeit very difficult and clumsily and at a very, very high cost.

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