Guy Reschenthaler: I Do Not Trust the FBI


Congressman, another big story we're following the FBI. I'm going to ask you a very simple question. Do you trust the FBI? Yes, not at all. Please just call me guys. Look, the FBI has been corrupt from its very founding under J. Edgar Hoover. They worked in tandem, for example, with LBJ and other elected officials to get dirt on politicians so that their selected senators and congressmen can move up the ranks. They did surveillance on political figures and celebrities within the United States throughout history. And that hasn't changed. And the fact that you had the FBI going to Zuckerberg before the election saying that Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation. While at the same time, the FBI had possession of the laptop, which showed it wasn't Russian disinformation. That shows you that they were trying to interfere with the 2020 election. They also tried to hamstring the Trump administration, which to a degree they did when Jim Comey set up Trump and set up Flynn in the others when they were giving their incoming briefing. So I think the FBI needs to be reined in, much like we had to rein in the CIA back in the 70s where they were running around assassinating foreign foreign leaders. That needed more oversight. But we need to look at perhaps dividing the FBI and making sure they're silos, a function, and we just don't have this big mega agency that is trying to fix political elections, go after political opponents and really be the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.

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