What We Know so Far About the Trump Raid


Your reaction to what we've learned thus far about the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Well, I don't think we know enough for me to have a real competent reaction. I mean, there are the political implications, but even the political implications so far are in reaction to something that we don't know enough about. And so on the one hand, we could in theory find out this was completely justified and makes a lot of sense despite how unusual it is. Or we could find out it doesn't. But I would predict that no matter what we find out, everybody's going to revert to their corner and conclude that they either like what they hear or don't believe what they hear. And I would say, as a matter of the midterm election, again with the going to win the House majority, because it's very least the Democrats are defending a 5 seat majority that's so thin, it's impossible to defend and even though the Senate races have looked tougher for Republicans in the summer insane recently, we've seen this movie before, at least in the 21st century with wave elections where it starts out okay for the party in The White House. Then it looks really, really bad for a long time. Then it looks like weight, maybe it's not so bad. And then it all goes the way it looked like it was going to go, especially when you look at the states where Republicans are on offense or even where they're playing defense. So we need to know more before I can tell you, okay, this is the potential different impact, but I don't think we know enough.

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