A 33-Year Veteran of the FBI Reacts to the Mar-a-Lago Raid


A new book coming out called the fall of the FBI. How a once great agency became a threat to democracy. The author is Thomas J baker, and he joins us right now to help us unpack what the heck happened to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and he himself has over 33 years of investigative and management experience as an FBI special agent. And he has an incredible Wall Street Journal op-ed, which says whistle starts to blow at the FBI. I have so much to ask him. I'm so glad he's with us right now. Thomas baker, welcome to the program. Charlie, good to be with you. Thank you. And congratulations on the book. So let's just start here. I'll be very plain and blunt. I've lost total and complete faith in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I believe it's become politicized and at that actors are not removed. In fact, some people believe rightfully so and I agree with them. The FBI is actually being used against citizens. Is that a bridge too far as someone who served in the bureau for 33 years? I know it's not a bridge too far. And a lot of people share those sentiments, my take is a little more precise, slightly different than what you just expressed. I think what's happened, the root of what's happened is a change in culture at the bureau that begun began on the director Mueller, bob Mueller. And a lot of these bad actors is the term you just use, have been removed that the bad actors you can name them all in the cave and call me et cetera from before and even more recently with the gymnast case and other, they keep getting fired. They keep getting dismissed. And unfortunately, current director ray and others around him keep pointed to that and say, well, we're getting rid of the bad apples. We got rid of the bad apples. And my contention is they're not looking at the underlying program problems, excuse me, the cultural change that took place beginning under Robert Mueller's leadership.

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