Kash Patel: Not Handing the Warrant Was a Bad Move by FBI


Knew things had broken bad and that we were sadly descending down this tyrannical root cache But I'm sitting there this week and I'm watching this with my wife unfold and I'm sitting there with the proverbial jaw drop I can't believe they would usually they were a little more cryptic about this Now one of the things I found odd about this is the lawyer thing Being very familiar with the legal space yourself Why would you not allow a lawyer in such a high profile service of a warrant Why would you not allow Donald Trump's lawyers on the scene there It seems odd Look as my time as a national security prosecutor at DoJ server warrants and execute lines on tariffs and other bad guys even we follow the letter of the law deliver the warrant and follow the rules because we knew that they would use any hiccup against us And the only reason that this occurred and now we know for sure and I said it earlier and you did to the attorney general Merrick Garland have to personally sign off on this and that's what he admitted to And they did it because they are basically panicking and heat and they don't know what to do now They've lost control of the political argument which is the last thing they wanted to lose control over And now the facts are going to slowly slip away from them like Russia gay And to not hand over that warrant is a rookie mistake by whatever FBI guys are on the ground But I think it's worse than that I think it was orchestrated by the top and they said don't give it to him

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