Julie Kelly: DOJ Will Likely Indict Trump


I think he was trying this kind of team arrivals approach where he figured all right it's sad that we're going to some of these rhinos but they're sellouts Let's take recommendations from a few of them assuming you know they'll do the right thing and work on behalf of the American people liberty freedom and all that stuff Well that's not what happened The minute they got in The White House they all screwed them over leaked to the media and started developing their own feet them 'cause they had no cojones you know So I think he did learn from that And I'm sure of it as a matter of fact And I think if there's a round two here in 2024 things are going to be really different I trust you I believe what you're saying and I do believe that that has to be true And now they've just taken it to a whole different level with the president and the people around him You know they've been rounding up his supporters now for 19 plus months Throwing them in jail detaining them for 16 17 18 months now delaying their trials You know this is very serious what this Justice Department is doing And I have no doubt that they will indict Donald Trump for something I don't think it'll just be because of this I think the raid helps create the optics to justify criminal charges either obstruction of an official proceeding conspiracy We could add tampering with evidence to that But this is all about optics and it's all about spin and no one does it better than the Democrats because they have the media in their pocket to help them with it But I think this is emboldened and outraged the base to also at a different level than and I'm sure you're hearing this all over the place

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