A Look at the Suspects in the Christa Helm Murder


Let's look at the suspects for the police. Sandy Smith, Chris agent, and the person whose house she was murdered in front of. Definitely in the Hollywood party scene, potentially had mob ties and definitely was a shady character. The next suspects a guy named Rudy mosel. A drug dealer who was roommates with Blair aronson, the keyboardist who worked on Christa's disco album. And so I was to say that crystal was storing large amounts of Coke from azela and during that time she stole some drugs from him and he found out and got a bit violent toward her. Another crazy thing Rudy sprag that he was the one who committed the murder. Now we all know that there are false confessions that happen. They happen pretty regularly in murder cases, but this is one that I would take a little seriously. He wasn't looked at deeply at the time of Christ as murder, but when the case was opened back up in the mid 2000s, cold cased investigators found that Rudy had been dead for years so there's nothing they could do with that. I think he's the general favorite of whoever killed Chris to helm. But with investigators unable to interview him, there was no direct evidence linking him to the death. So the case is still unsolved to this day. What I would do is I'd like to know what sandy Smith saw. And why did he lie to the police? What's also interesting about this case is investigative found tapes among her possessions and audio recordings of her sexual encounters. I love to hear those tapes. Another fascinating possible suspect is Tony sirico. Pauly walnuts himself. The roommate Stephanie said that he showed up at their apartment right after the party to check on Chris as well fair, but that ended up not happening. And what ended up happening was he went to their apartment to steal fur coats and personal items of Kristin's. So Stephanie have always believed that it was Tony who initially stole Christa's tape recordings from her room after the murder. Why he did that? I don't know.

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