Ned Ryun on Defunding and Disbanding the FBI


He's Ned Ryan. He is the author of a book I highly highly recommend on the battle of bunker hill. The adversaries, you can see it subtly placed over his left shoulder. There you go. Right there. You know everything and everyone about politics. You are deep, deep, deep in it. I want to get your perspective on today's theme resolved the disgraced FBI must be defunded and disbanded. What do you think? A 100%, I don't think that goes far enough though. I think that it is common. You think that's the moderate position. That is the moderate position. I think that they have shown themselves to absolutely not care about the rule of law. We have 6 years of empirical evidence of that in which, let's just start, for example, they used a fake Steele dossier, which they knew was bogus. That's the stunning part to me to secure four fisa warrant to spy on the president of the United States in the hopes to undermine and take out the duly elected president of the United States. And then we can keep on adding to that. I mean, I don't think people are talking enough about this very crazy Gretchen Whitmer, fed napping FBI informant, planting evidence kind of story that's really starting to play out. But all and beyond defund and shut down. People need to go to jail.

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