Did Fargo, ND Schools Vote to Ban the Pledge of Allegiance?


That in Fargo North Dakota. They are no longer doing the Pledge of Allegiance. I then sent that to my friend and he said that his fake news, there's no way that's happening in America and told me to stop sending things that are not true. Please help me Charlie make sense of this. Is it really true? They're no longer doing it. Yes, it is. So in Fargo North Dakota, almost hard to grasp and believe at a board of educators meeting the board of education voted to remove the Pledge of Allegiance because of the under God phrase, in fact, they said that it no longer reflects their values. Fargo public schools voted 7 to two to no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Pledge of Allegiance at the Fargo school board will no longer be said. The debate goes back to February when a motion to have the pledge recited at meetings brought forward by board member David Paulson. Past 7 to two. Now, I'll be very honest, the turnout for school board elections in Fargo, this last cycle in June was miserably low. Unfortunately, in North Dakota, I know a lot of you listening in North Dakota will be the exception to this, but I'll just be honest, it is not a priority to the vast majority of citizens in North Dakota.

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