Kash Patel Shares His Thoughts on the Mar-a-Lago Raid


Talk about the raid of Mar-a-Lago. So I had a government clearance. I maintained it because of some work I do as a contractor outside of government, but we have this system in America where directors of agencies like the CIA, cabinet members and former presidents retain their clearances. They have legacy clearances. They don't have to re up them every 5 years. They don't have to have an excuse. So explain to me with what logic could you raid a president's home if he still has the highest clearances cash Patel? You can't with the logic of politics. The Department of Justice has become the department of politics. And so as this FBI, because nobody's rating Barack Obama's home, where he has 30 million pages of information, a lot of which is classified, he hasn't released one single page of it to the national archives. Here you have president Trump the most transparent president in modern American history, giving documents in the national archives declassifying them and telling him to get him out, but only to have the national archives, and I know this because I'm president Trump's representative to the national archives and have been fighting to get these documents out. They're not rating Obama's home. They're not reading bush's home. They're not reading Jimmy Carter's home. They're not reading Bill Clinton's home. And this is the hypocrisy and the two tier system of justice on full display. He wants the American people to see the documents that show the corruption and this is me just making a guess, but I think the documents that they seize that Mar-a-Lago show more government corruption by the FBI and DoJ. And if that's the case, it shows the politicization of our law enforcement, just like when I ran rush again. Remember, Devin and I only got 60% of the documents out. President Trump declassified the rest, but because of bureaucracy and The White House counsel, they were never released. All right,

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