Danielle and Jessie Jane Duff Discuss Biden's Recession Attitude


I'm delighted to welcome our guest today, Jesse Jane Duff. She is a gunnery sergeant of the Marine Corps retired. Jesse, thanks for joining us. Hey, so good to be here with you, Danielle. I'm excited. Throw it at me. We're ready to roll. Oh my gosh, great. Okay. Well, today we're going to be talking a lot about Biden. So Jesse, I know we were on the women for Trump tour together. You were on veterans for Trump. You were co chair of that. So I know that we both love Trump, but I want to start out by asking you a little bit about Joe Biden's recent interview. In an interview with CNN, Jake tapper asked Biden, he said, the JPMorgan Chase CEO said the U.S. is likely to enter a recession in the next 9 months. Bank of America says the U.S. could start losing a 175,000 jobs a month. Gas prices are on the rise again, should the American people prepare for a recession, he asked Biden. So Biden said he doesn't believe there will be a recession, and people keep saying this to him every 6 months in his presidency. So he says, quote, if it is, it will be a very slight recession that is, we'll move down slightly. Quote. But Jesse, what is this exactly mean with Biden saying he does expect a slight recession and why do you think he has this nonchalant attitude about this? So I guess you could say that the first thing is is that it's very confusing to ever figure out what Biden means. Correct? Because we don't know where this is ever coming from. Is this what his handlers are telling him or is he essentially trying to be dishonest or is he so confused that he truly believes that he has a robust economy still, and we're not in a recession. We've had two consecutive quarters where the economy has slowed down, which death by definition. We're in a recession now. For him to be in this type of denial, simply demonstrates that they don't want to be honest with us. And they want to reshape the narrative so that those people that actually want to believe this Kool-Aid that they're being fed are going to just sit back and say, oh, okay, well, Joe Biden says it's not so bad. I find it very hard to believe that anybody following politics, Republican Democrat independent, or otherwise, is going to buy into this.

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