Sebastian Talks About the Lies Behind Jan. 6 With Rep. Troy Nehls


First things first, got to talk about it at January 6th. You have been digging into the documents for over a year now. It is the subject of your book. What are the things that the people in power don't want the American people to know about those four hours? Well, what you're seeing from this January 6th sham committee on televisions across America. Now, I know they're not getting the ratings they would like beni Thompson is the puppet and Nancy's the puppet master. You've got Liz Cheney and Adam kenzie gunner. But this book really talks about all the things that they're not talking about. They don't want to talk about the intelligence that the leadership of the capitol police had. Before the event. Before the event weeks leading up to the event. Telling them that they need to prepare. That's right. The capitol police leadership team, specifically the intelligence section, they produced three reports, intelligence reports, dating back to December 15th, December 30th, and then January 3rd. And I highlight all this in the book. And if you would have read that 14 page report, that intelligent summary on January 3rd, you'd have read a paragraph, you would have said, as an entry level law enforcement officer would have said, we need to have the National Guard here, the following day.

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