More Reactions To The FBI's Raid of Mar-A-Lago


Here's The Wall Street Journal editor. Well, first let me play a little audio because there's a lot of great audio on this yesterday. Let's start with senator Rick Scott on Fox business with degan McDowell, cut number 8. Well, first of all, it makes you mad. I mean, this is unprecedented. A former president potential opponent to Biden in 24 is house gets rated. We know the Biden administration targets their opponents. Merrick Garland's targets, democratic opponents. This is well, here's what needs to happen today. Separately, mayor Garland, Christopher wray, Joe Biden need to do press conference, take all questions, explain why they're doing what they're doing, what each of them knew when this should scare every American until we get answers. This should be, you should have unbelievable concern. I got more phone calls. Let's go over to Ted Cruz. Cut number 13. That's exactly right. What we've got to do is win control of the House and Senate so that we have the authority to engage in oversight. It was interesting that the director of the FBI was there for one round of questions. At the end of the round of questions, we were supposed to have a second round. He said, no, I got a plane to catch. I'm sorry I gotta go. He didn't want another round of questions as chuck grassley observed. Wait a second. You've got your own plane. The FBI has a private jet just for you, so you're playing to catch it. You just don't want to have any more investigation. We need serious oversight. We need accountability. The people who have been political and partisan need to be fired. And if they broke the law right, let's hear Marco Rubio say the same thing. Cut number ten. You know, an FBI raid looking for supposed classified documents is a ridiculous alibi. Unlike anyone else in the federal government, no president can be guilty of illegally handling classified information because a president has complete and final authority to decide whether something is classified or not.

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