Sebastian Talks to Russian-Born U.S. Intel Expert Rebekah Koffler


Back with Rebecca cough. She is the author of a former senior DIA expert on Russia. Jim carfano of heritage tweeted out early today and I retweeted it. If you look at what is it, the 27 28 members of NATO, the highest commitment of aid to Ukraine by members of NATO as a percentage of GDP are the Baltic states and Poland. Isn't that interesting? The states that were under the boot of the Soviet Union are invaded themselves. They're the ones helping out the Ukraine the most. Isn't that telling? Absolutely, and it's always been that way. Sebastian, I even when I was in the community, you know, the people who are very responsive and helpful, they assist us tremendously because they are right there in the theater. They gathered and not Germany. Germany's in bed with Moscow with the Gerhard shredder being one of the CEOs of Gazprom. Exactly. You're going to leave our studio. You've been doing media all day. You said you're going to go if you're going to write an analytic piece, talking about scenarios. So people need to read your article, but first, not nuking America because he's not insane. He's not suicidal. But what's scenarios under which could Putin consider using the low threshold low yield tactical nukes. Give us some examples. So we're exactly right now in this scenario Sebastian for which, on Putin's orders, this doctrine was developed in the first place, escalated to deescalate and scenarios this Putin is losing on the battlefield. And he is cornered.

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