Democrats Want to See Gov. Ron DeSantis Fail


Folks you need to understand it I know you do But some people don't If you really understand what we're dealing with here they want desantis to fail That's what they want You heard how giddy Amy Klobuchar was Trying to tie this into the Democrats and climate change We've had Democrats a long time in this country They've had a lot of power for a long time Obama had 8 years This guy Biden was in the Senate for 36 years He served with Obama for 8 years He's been president of two years We had Clinton for 8 years As the weather gotten better is it climate gotten better Do they take responsibility for anything Schumer has been in the Senate in the house What is it now Over 30 years Pelosi another one Over 30 years They act like they're all observers They've had the levers of power forever They run the Environmental Protection Agency They run the interior department They run at all They run the universities and colleges They run the various science operations and the federal government and in the universities and colleges what's the issue The issue is they're full of crap That's the issue

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