A highlight from Episode 315: A Mad Max mask and a power grid of your own


Up. Let us talk about this crazy. Mask that honeywell and will i am designed. This is a three hundred dollar face mask. That looks like something mad. Max would wear. I was just gonna say the same thing i mean. It's called the super mask with an x and one. I'm hoping that we're actually reaching the end of the pandemic soon. So spending three hundred dollars on a mask is not something. I'm after but well. It would not surprise me. Since asian countries have long warned math even pre pandemic if more people around the world do wear masks all the time. But i don't think we need what he's providing here. Let's talk about this. This is a mask with it. Looks very hardware future. Ask it's got a honeywell happe- filtration system. Now does kill all viruses. No but it does have noise. Cancelling headphones led lights for the nighttime rechargeable battery and bluetooth. So this lets you basically talk on the phone take calls has seal over your nose to help your glasses from fogging up this to me is technology for the sake of technology. I mean. I don't have to charge my mask when i leave the house. This is something you're going to wear. When you know you wanna take phone calls on bluetooth or you want to listen to music and you literally want just the eyes of your face showing because it's all encompassing under face. Here's a thought. What if this isn't for like walking to the grocery store. What if this is for like when you're working in an office and you have to have your mask on all day. Does that change things. I mean because the noise cancelling headphones part or like sitting on an airplane of those those use cases make sense. But i mean i don't take phone calls if i'm in the office unless their office phone calls and that i probably wouldn't use my mobile phone for that i don't know i have more than the office in ages but i do. I'm trying to think of this is like so. For example. I have multiple pairs of headphones. I have my noise cancelling over the ear headphones that i wear in planes. Because they're more comfortable and they do a better job. I think sam. I have my bluetooth headphones. Eyewear for working out and their wireless. I have a special set headphones for my business calls and like television type appearances. So i look a little less crazy than i have like my cheap earbuds that i keep my car so if i think about the fact that i have forced. That's a headphones. Do i need a fifth that would add basically the ability to be safe on a plane and maybe if i went to an office in an office that i might do it. I was prepared to pooh-poohed this. But now i'm like oh i don't know i mean yes it would work for that. I think you're atypical. I don't think most people have four or five pairs of wireless headphones or headphones general. Two maybe three at most. Let me ask you this question knowing what this looks like but say that we start having events again and you're going to be on stage and you still want to be safe so you wanna wear a mask well. You wouldn't be wearing headphones. I don't know. I just. I just don't see. This is a very limited type. Use case i really do. I mean i'd rather just use the headphones. I have and my and ninety five mask well in. There's lots of professions that us ninety five masks prior to like the pandemic right so not just medical but lake paint stripping in those people might want headphones. I don't know or during wildfire season. When i wear my ninety five all the time but what's stopping them from wearing headphones with the mask. Now okay that's a good point. That's what i'm saying. I just this is just a conglomeration of things. And he's hoping to sell it for three hundred dollars and he's got a big name behind it with honeywell can appreciate that. But when i look at all of the things that he has tried to create other than helping to form beats music all of his products. Can you name them. Most people can't be able to wink. Because i want it to work in. It doesn't yeah. He had he he bought wing but he created the smart jewelry zipper mask. I think we'll go the same way. I just to perhaps in a country that wears these all the time even when it's not a pandemic let's see if this takes off in asia then maybe all right. We'll see three hundred bucks. But i mean you look like a tuscan raider from star wars in this thing. It's definitely it has an aesthetic in that aesthetic is the future is very dystopia and the future sucks. Okay speaking of the future. Let's talk about one of my favorite futuristic smart home technologies radar Ring is adding radar added it to the video doorbell that we talked about a while back and now it's adding it to its flood light cam just to let you have a better view of your home and and see the route that somebody takes to get to your home. Yeah yeah. I'm like. I don't know what else to say. It's it's good for that and it will also hopefully. I'm kind of hopeful that this might help. Reduce false positives like tree branch eventually ray. A tree branch moving is like a motion and you might get an alert but if you could combine something lake motion but did it come from like. Was there boashan over an extended period of time changing position in relation to your house which could be a person as opposed to a tree branch which usually just blows in a pretty prescribed during light in a small space. I'm in a trans only gonna move. Maybe a foot at most needs direction many directions whereas a person would move several feet and you can track their path and that would be more of a a true sighting of something that you want to see. Yeah so i'm just thinking like. How can we combine this to like make better. They're getting they're they're getting. Does this two hundred fifty bucks you can pre-order it. Starting today comes out on may sixth and they also the new video doorbell four for two hundred dollars. But that's i don't think that has the radar. Oh do all right. And we're not actually speaking of radar again but we're speaking more of our f- radio waves radar one am i. Researchers have figured out a

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