Making Music in Lockdown with Julien Baker

Inside the Studio


I'm so happy to welcome julian baker. Thank you thank you so much for taking the time today. I'm so thrilled to speak to you. Really appreciate it. Oh of course it's my pleasure. Thank you for having me in taking the time to speak with me. It's it's mutual. So many things i want to ask you but i wanted to start with a question that's been imbued with a whole new level of meaning in the last year and that's how are you doing today today. I'm really good. Got my coffee. It was raining this morning but the sun is coming out. Yeah i'm trying to be happy about the little things. I don't know if there's one thing that this last year year's taught me it's like how to focus in on recognize the things that actually do make me happy and what i can celebrate because it seems like there's been a deficit of things to celebrate her. Be happy about for a long time elements of clarity. I say in the in not really having a lot of external distractions i suppose. Yeah definitely. I mean for so much of the last year for all of us. It's been about accepting uncertainty in their lives and allowing it to exist without completely crippling us. Which in a way is a major through line through your new record little oblivion accepting that uncertainty and sort of being okay with it. What's the process been like for you. Oh man it's it's been difficult. I mean i think it's taken a lot of work in my own personal life to accepts that it's healthier to just sit with uncertainty or discomfort than to try to medicate or gator. Suasion it with whatever you know it could be anything substances or like compulsive behaviors or just downright like suppression and Yeah i feel a lot more peaceful actually. And i think i was really apprehensive about this record for the reasons you mentioned because it does kind of touched on kind of touch on no it complete league concerns in into tally of the record is about trying to dismantle belief systems and value systems in your life and rebuild them from

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