Should You Buy a Photo Printer?


Printers have evolved over the last few years just like everything else in our industry and there are some pretty interesting options right now. Some of which are quite affordable. So you can get state of the art and not break the bank and i'm gonna cover. I mean the most expensive printer i cover. I believe is eight hundred and ninety nine dollars but most of them are well below that well below that now before we get to the printers themselves. I wanna talk a little bit about die based Printing and pigment based printing. because i'll refer to them when i talk about the different printers. Generally speaking dye based printing is excellent. And it's really good If you like vibrant colors if you print gloss or semi gloss the dye based inks today are just fantastic pigment. Inks if you're someone that likes using your different blacks inks know like you're black and you're gray that kind of thing for gallery type black and white prints Then i think pigment is a good way to go and in fact one of the printers at least one of the parents. I'm going to talk about from cannon. They actually use pigment based Black for the document printing and then they used die based inc all in the same printer for the color print printing thinking that the basing gives them really vibrant photographs really pretty colors but yet that pigment based ink is much better for you know that black that solid chris black document printing so you can get combinations there of to now some folks believe in you know. I think there's data to back this up that pigment based inks they last a little bit longer your prints that could be true to some degree but these technologies are evolving and dye based inks have changed the lottery last few years and i wouldn't decide which printer to go with. Based on that

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