AOPA seeks to have glider pilots


From aarp dot org alpa six to have glider pilot squawk one two zero two for all via far ops alpa submitted a proposal to the faa on march. Twenty four th requesting the beacon code one two zero to become the standard for pilots flying gliders via far to us regardless of whether they are in contact with atc currently the one two oh two code is assigned via for glider operations that are not in contact with atc to differentiate them from via our traffic squawking twelve hundred because of the different nature of the operations while powered via far aircraft. Typically fly in straight predictable. Pez clears often make abrupt changes in direction or altitude explained. This makes it very important for. Atc to be able to differentiate gliders from other aircraft the faa in order in two thousand fifteen for far aircraft squawk twelve hundred regardless of whether they were talking to atc previously it was just for aircraft not in contact with atc in alpa. The same should be extended to be far glare flights using the one two zero two code. This change would help. Atc better identify gliders flying near busy airspace and landing at towered airports increasing safety in airspace system it would also allow glider pilots to operate using one code rather than having to change codes and flight which can be difficult to do on a compact transponder and in a cramped cockpit

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