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Welcome my favorite murder. That's georgia hard star. thank you. that's karen kilkare. If and you're welcome and here we are to fuck and talk to you today. About multi level marketing. I honestly and i tweeted this the other day but but it was genuine. I've left the house for the first time. in weeks. i went down to the drugstore and every person ice on the parking lot was strikingly beautiful. Oh and i was like. Oh my god spaces. You must look at him. Yes i honestly think it's like i if you don't look like a dog i'm like how you products and you've been using. I have the complete opposite situation. Where now that. I have a dog a puppy. Who is everyone's best friend and wants to meet everyone. So take her out on walks into the dog mark I'm seeing more people than i ever have in my life every day. I may talking more people. And i definitely like it's clearly making a better mood just like the experience making me talk to more people and be more social which is a thing for me so i have the opposite where everyone's ugly because i just keep seeing faces secretly are being really negative about your positive thing. Yeah just choked on my old lie. We have the most disgusting drink right now know. Everyone's gorgeous to everyone has a beautiful face. Everyone's skin looks amazing because they've been covering it with a mask for a year so like yeah or just like get letting your skin go back to super greasy which is actually probably better like i really let you though it mine was gross but it was like last night i last night as i was going to bed and i truly was just like diving straight into bed and then i was like you have to brush your teeth because because you can smell your own mouth. Oh my god. I i was. I went outside in the morning to walk cookie masks tanks. No few steps later that it was my own reverberation of my own breath. Yeah i was horrified. These are the basics that i think you get up when you get up and you get ready to go to work and you leave. You're like oh yeah. I did all the flaws i brushed. I did rents whatever. Yeah no the basics of human life. Don't like normal human life. Don't apply anymore no and i was thinking about. This is the first time in my life since childhood where the majority of the year. I haven't worn makeup. Yeah it's been twenty days. Maybe for meetings that we've had in like fan call videos that i've actually make which fills incredible and i feel like a new different person. It feels incredible until i was talking about soon until the meetings over. And i'm walking around my house alone with a full fast like full mask of clown makeup or i'm just like well. This is tragic. Wait like now. I'm just gonna go sit in front of the with a bunch of mascara on this is not for you. This is for everyone else. I will say it's a great time to take about load of self fees with your cats so that you have them in the in the rural so that you can then post them throughout the rest of the month where you don't have makeup. That's what i do do you. Do you plan yourself. He's ahead can literally vein shit filters aren't gonna suck and cut it with this hyper pigmentation to complain about makeup again then for the next three days you have the black ring of the mascara modern mascara. That won't wash off. So you look extra tired. Now i know well. Did you feel sorry. This just popped into my head because also my sleep schedule i. I've never bothered to fix it. Because i like you know what i think this is. I'm just going to be like a weird baby or i'm going to work this out. Naturally i'll be obviously keep staying up so late that i'll start waking up early in the morning. Your sleep training yourself. I'm sleep training myself. By letting myself. Be montessori wash little the night a couple nights ago. I woke up in the middle of the night wide awake and then i was like did you take your mascara off. Can't remember go do it harris. Then i was like wash yourself washer. Your of the wash cloth that's going to really expoliation started doing some stephan thinking. Why am i so wide awake. It's like four in the morning and then that way. I didn't karen the your psychic ray. I think i'm psychic. Mrs just one more piece of proof that i wonder if there was a little pre shock that he woke you and like started your adrenalin that you didn't even notice. Could i didn't feel it and i love earthquakes. Knock on wood when they're not killing people but l. feeling them you know and vignette woke me up miss both of them. It was weird because It was real. It was a hard jolt that was loud and then a shaking and the And then the dog. George was just like i demand answers now. She would not stop barking. She was just like. I don't understand what just happened. I don't like what the hell shami chart and explain to me. How on earth fucking entire ground just round was moving and the noise. It's so funny that you bring up sleep training because one of my suggestions or recommendations. This week is about sleep. It's all right here it okay. That's let's hear it from me right now. This is here at me. You're right you're should goes so this is actually recommended from my therapist. So you know it's like it's not just me being all who high e in whatever This this podcast called the it's called hooverman lab the studes name hooverman and he. He explains a lot of you know like a lot of talk about the mind and how it works and and studies and practices and stuff. So he's smart. He's super smart like if my therapist believes in what he says you know. It's like double time. So he she sent me this. This episode called understanding and using dreams to learn and forget so it's almost like the sleep cycles and how to use those and Amd dr movement rapid desensitization something and ketamine and how these things Affect your sleep patterns to get good sleep. What matters with good sleep. It's not eight hours a night. it's whatever works for you consistently so if you always get six hours of sleep than nine hours isn't good free. The next night you know is really fascinating and taught me a luck. Because i'm really obsessed with sleep as someone who has sleep apnea and it helped me be like you gotta wear your c. Pap even look stupid highland kency and it's also like a lot of his episodes are like about childhood and how those things affect you as an adult. Because if you have kids it's it's great to learn that stuff so sorry it's a it's a podcast though. Yeah so he has about different things but this one's called understanding and using dreams so h. e. e. r. m. a. n.

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