A highlight from 416. Lonely on Your Spiritual Path?


Hello everyone almost thirty podcasts. What's up if you look at us on youtube you. Oh wow i. I was like oh we're just gonna roll with it today with how we're looking. He's going to go. Yeah you you get you get all of us when you go to youtube. I feel. We have our glam days where i'm like. Oh we're wearing an eye shadow. Yeah sure and then days like these where you know. We're in a brown hoodie. Haven't brushed my hair. And we're just rolling Kathy spans these gift from daniel pesenti for my birthday like those. I'm breaking him in. And then i have my sweatshirt that i wear every single day. My mad happy big sweatshirt. you guys know. That's what you thought you have. Yes that you just know. It's funny justin. And i for for christmas. I got him a big purple sweatshirt. He got me a big purple sweatshirt without so weird weird. I'm like wow. this is where we're at. I have like a weird memory emblazoned in my head that you're like i like purple. I don't believe that's true. I forget what i now. i don't know. Justin is a looks good in per. Yeah yeah totally. I don't know if i i just don't wear purple. It's not my caller. I don't know. I have an aunt that only worse purple. Wow yet my whole life. I kinda like people. That have a thing i know. I like people like checks.

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