COVAX Reaches Over 100 Economies, 42 Days After First International Delivery

UN News


Than one hundred countries and economies have now received covid nineteen vaccines through the un partnered equitable corona virus. Busting scheme kovacs. The first delivery of life saving jobs arrived in ghana on the twenty four of february announcing the news on thursday the un world health organization. Who said the more than thirty eight million doses of astrazeneca pfizer biotech and serum institute of india had been transported globally so far kovacs aims to supply vaccines to all those requested them. In the first half of this year the development comes as who and other health regulators reaffirmed the overwhelming value of the astra zeneca or as ed covid nineteen vaccine amid ongoing concerns about clotting events among a very small number had the job in statements on wednesday evening the. Who's global advisory committee on vaccine safety. The european medicines agency and the uk's regulator all concluded that the benefits of taking the vaccine outweigh the very rare potential risks. More than one hundred and nine hundred million doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have been administered. Todate but only one hundred eighty two cases of clotting have been reported. Who said its advice to countries to continue to vaccinate with the as at vaccine noting that it has saved millions of lives and prevented serious illness

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