What Are Your Moments Of Truth? - burst 06


We're focusing on the business aspects of what you guys are missing letting get by you in terms of moments of truth. I think you should have it separated business and perhaps me too. Okay. So next number three, do you monitor your different assets or did you set it in forget it because sometimes people will search you out and they'll be like, oh that looks like an interesting agent but you've never posted in like 2 and 1/2 years, right? So, what would you recommend in that case? Should they kill that or should they just visit it now that goes back to the first point. The reason I will suggest that they either do some sort of Auto syndication of posts or they just don't post it all and they just have a profile. Really? I mean, that's all they really need. Okay makes sense number for do you have any unfinished profiles? These are ones that all of you guys have seen where it's a shadow profile. There's no real information. Except your name Jose like you gave up on it. So either kill that or update it as Tim suggest. Now, you said before Julie you said you know, what is it specifically that you're trying to gear your profile towards and that leads perfectly in your next Point port and point number five. We do suggest that you are over with what you're wanting to you know, you need obviously your real estate. So they assume you buy and sell real estate, but that's not good enough nowadays, especially with the number of agents that are getting into the business. You need to be very specific about what you're out after and then do what's called a CTA and I call to action CTA. So maybe your CTA is going to be in this is .5

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