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Attraction. That is very very serious principle. It cannot be ignored the law of attraction. And and i'm. I'm not going to be able to explain to you as well as the book. Secrets can or as well as some people. I can only articulate it to you The waited i see it and the law of attraction is very very real. The law of attraction is a principle of success. It is something that everyone has to adhere to now. Whether you know the law of attraction or not it does not make it not exist for you. This is the case where ignorance is not the excuse the fact that no one told it to you. There is no pass for this one the fact that you never heard before it does not allow you to do it any other way. So let me see if i can Put it to you best. I can the law of attraction the law of attraction to put it real. Simple is the thing that you focus on the thing that you talk the thing that you think love is the thing that you draw to you. It's what you attractive to you. That's basically the law of attraction the thing that you talk about the thing that you think about the thing that you focus on what it is. That is what you attract. The law of attraction does not differentiate from positive and negative. It only does what it does what i am saying. Is this in the law of attraction. No matter what you think of no matter what occupies your time no matter what you say on no matter. What the focus is positive or negative. The law of attraction knows neither one. It just attracts so less you. Some examples here can just best example. Always use as me that way. I ain't got to figure out nothing. I can just tell you my side of it. I was in a lot of debt. One time in my life as before any of you knew me So you can understand in case. You're not think. I want you to think that this conversation is about your income level causes not it doesn't matter what income level you are. The law of attraction works in all aspects money family relationships job career love. It just works with okay. Here's the deal. I kept saying man. This debt is killing me. I got to get out. That's what i thought was a good goal to get out of debt. But what are kept saying. Was you know i kept talking about debt and you know what it kept doing. It kept attracting debt to me. So guess what so could get out. That's is that crazy. That is an amazing law to understand what turned it around for me. Was i started. Claiming a life of abundance. God i am seeking a life of abundance. I want to have more than enough. I want to be able to help other people. I just wanna have a law of attraction so to obey provide my family to lifestyle that i wanna provide them. I want heavily father to be able to be an example of your goodness and your grace in my life. That is what i started saying. And guess what. That's what i started attracting. I'm going to have a great relationship with my children. I'm going to be the father that i always wanted to be. I'm going to be a good father. I'm going to be a good husband now. I am going to do the right things. I am going to be the type of example that muslims can look no further than go. I can be like my dad. I want to be able to build a place beacon of light and the hope for my daughter's to come to. That's what i started saying. That's what i started attracting to my life. The law of attraction does not care if you wanted to be positive or negative. The law of attraction just attracts whatever the issue focus on what you think about the words that come out your mouth. You cannot overlook this principle of success and expect to make it because of the fact that you've never heard of the law of attraction because of the fact that you don't know how it really operates it does not make it not exist in your day. You can start today attracting the right things to your life by changing what you say what you think what you focus on. Change the focus change the thought change the the words that come out your mouth and guess what you change what you attract to yourself. You have got to ask yourself. Why is it man man. Let me tell you some. Somebody said the bishop. Jakes one time. They said man everything you touch turns to go. He said no. I just don't touch. Everything could disgrace komo man. He has a focus. He has a focus. See he just everywhere. Bring me any idea. Let me try that. No no no man. He has a focus. He has a law of attraction as working where he's attracting things to life that that's positive that he s not to say bishop. Jakes don't have problems. 'cause we talk often in man he has them all. Please understand and not trying to attract the problems but what he will attract is the proper solution for the problem. And ain't that all you need. Sometimes god did not say that it would be easy. He just said he would be with you. And god is with you. Who can be against you. God will make your enemies your footstool. God is powerful man. his word is true. He do what he say he gonna do now. All we got to do is do some what we say. We're going to do everything. Just do some what we say okay. Here's the deal. God is going to do everything he say he going to you. And i just got to do some of the stuff. We say we're going to cause he are in no way onto all via e cleo nap. He clearly i thank you. You're listening to show your clothes shouldn't just reflect your style. They should fit your lifestyle to our friends at kohl's understand that which is why they offer an amazing selection of products and national brands. That don't make you choose between fashion and function style and comfort work and workout. I'm talking all of your favorites. 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