A highlight from 1527: The 3 Step Solution to the Obesity Epidemic

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A couple interesting statistics kind of recent. That came out which kind of highlight A problem which is which is interesting. this problem. we're about talk about because it's almost become Like one of those topics that you can't bring up which is strange but anyhow To statistics one. Seventy a roughly. Seventy percent of americans are now considered overweight. Forty five percent obese. Okay so almost half of us clinically obese and the other statistic which is more timely is that the number one risk factor for severe Cova symptoms is obesity. And he's like eighty something percent of people in hospitals with cova were obese. What's what's the clinical definition of obesity. Now is it. is it thirty pounds of weight. body fat that you should not have nearby because obviously our bodies we need fat people understand that your body needs fat. Yeah you have to healthy to have a certain amount of body but is it is the clinical definition. I believe it. I thought it was that are still be my. It's bmi yeah yeah it's off bmi now of course bmi has its problems right. Bmi body mass index and. It's just your total weight Let's see it's and obviously. I'm probably overweight or obese because i have more muscle right but generally speaking so it's bmi greater than what is that That gives us greater than thirty kilograms per meter. Squared the number of click on the click on the up at the top. There i i think. I think it's important that we define this. Because here's the thing that i ran into a lot and i think you guys did run. It ran into this too. Many people that are obese. Don't think they're obese. I don't know how many times that i did. A body fat test. And i actually. I remember learning that. I would have to set the table before i did it to let people know that. Hey it's not about what we find out today. It's about that. This is a starting point and where we go from here. Because i remember as a young trainer not knowing any better. Just take a body fat tests and it'd be like oh you're obese varied overly let's And people cry and get all broken down from it because they up into that point. They just thought they were a little overweight. I would. I would bet that so. The bmi is over thirty right. So if you're if you're over thirty in terms of the thirty was in there so that's that's considered obese. I would bet more people than we think are obese. Because there's a lot of people who are very low muscle mass read have high body. Fat percentage that would be considered obese now. Of course there's definitely those athletes and stuff that carry a lot of muscle but that's a very small percentage. I'll never forget the first time that I told this x. Model that she was obese and she didn't look at all the way she was actually really pretty. Lean relatively lincoln. Lean or skinny. You know what you said. She was obese but she was skinny skinny skinny and what we call skinny fat right so she had so little muscle and her diet was like the did the extreme. You know live off a celery and carrots which get ready for a shoot never really strength trained whatsoever and yet she felt she put on a few pounds and that's why she was hiring me but she by no means looked obese but then when you actually measured her body fat percentage she would fall in that category so we need to tell people why. This isn't even important why we should even try to solve this problem. Why fix the obesity epidemic and it is an epidemic. I know that they named it. Officially an epidemic in the late nineties but obesity been for a couple of decades before that was only really in the nineties. It they said okay. This is an epidemic and it's growing it's been growing ever since so why even solve it. Why even look at this issue and say what are the things we can do to fix this problem. Well there's a there's a some big reasons Number one the health risks associated with obesity alone are tremendous it dramatically increases your risk of all cause mortality. So being means that you're much more likely to die of any reason at all but to be more specific. Your risk of type. Two diabetes goes to the roof heart. Disease goes to the roof.

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