Clean Skin From Within With Dr. Trevor Cates


So dr cates. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you. It's great to be here absolutely an. let's let's talk about. I mean he wrote this great book clean skin from within in that book. You talk about how. The skin is really a magic mirror for overall health. So can you talk about well. Our skin is our largest. It's right on the surface of our bodies so it's actually great honor reflection of our overall health and i know oftentimes with skin issues. People are quick to grab a topical cream to suppress a symptom or for women to wear makeup to cover up any kind of blemishes. But i want to encourage people to use your skin as a tool to hope with your overall health because skin at issues that actually show up you know on your on the surface as a warning early warning sign off type score for various hope issues and so it's a great way to check in with your body and also with your lifestyle choices. I totally agree. You know you can really see it going on. And what are some of the key. Underlying factors behind imperfect skin. I found that there are six root causes behind skin issues. And as i say these you'll probably okay. This is related to skin and are things like inflammation nutritional deficiencies microbiome disturbance. Oxidative damage hormonal imbalances. Blood sugar issues. So a lot of these warning sign show up on the skin. Like for example. One of the first signs of low thyroid function is dry skin now. Of course the comes with a lot of other symptoms but it can be one of the early signs or Condition called care to us as pilar bums on the backs of the show backs of people's arms while there's oftentimes a nutritional deficiency so these are just a couple of examples of of ways. The skin gives us these early signs.

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