A highlight from Jamie Lee's The Wedding Coach


There's something very like kind of sweden cathartic about it. I yeah any. Letterman was on stage and she was like. Oh my god. Jamie lee is like wasted in the front row. And i was like this is heaven. Hello and welcome to good one a podcast about jokes. I'm your host. Jesse david box. Each episode guest comes on to play a clip of one of their jokes and then discusses how they wrote it. And how represents what. They're trying to do with their comedy. This guest is jamie lee. Stand up comedian actress and writer on crashing producer and writer ted lasso and wedding coach As an. she has a new netflix. Reality series called though winning coach where she like queer is weddings. Essentially it's probably based on dick euless the the book she co wrote about weddings and specifically her two thousand sixteen wedding. The joke we talk about a purply enough is about weddings and marriage and Yeah this episodes different. I've i've been doing a lot of these and there's there has never been an injury like this. You know. I i go into these. These conversations pretty prepared but for reasons outside of my control. I was not ready And that is all i will say. So here is jamie lee. I

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