Prince’s New Album to Be Released 5 Years After His Death


Years after princes death, they're going to release A new album. Welcome to America and the number two. Oh, wow, It's gonna debut Sunday night on 60 minutes. Wow, That's an odd choice, isn't it? Yeah. Um, yeah, that's a bizarre choice. So they went to his studio in. It's called Paisley Park Studios Ants in Minneapolis. There, they believe there are as many as 8000 songs that Prince did not release. Yeah, and I had heard that that he is like a vault of music and you know it. Kind of. If you're a huge prince fan it gives you may be a little bit of pause. Maybe there was a reason he didn't want those songs released. Yeah, so now they're just going to go ahead and release them curious. You're curious to hear it. Of course, he's a genius. Me too.

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