Yes, please. I'll have a white


Is, is that when you reach a certain age as a white woman, Well, you're gonna want to exclusively drink white wine. I hate white wine. I love beer. Look, I know this is very upsetting, but it's not like you could never have another beer again. Really? Yes, Of course. When you go on vacation, you will be able to have one coordinated beside the pool, but only one because more value on make See if he will bloated e have decided. I would like a boom here, agrees, you know, Okay, okay. I'm just gonna I'm gonna point to the list, okay? It's not happening. I've got it. This'd just said we're gonna have two glasses. Your housewife? Yeah, I figured as much you go. Thank you to, you know, agree shows and I brought a glass of ice on the side of it.

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