Earth Day Reflections: Belonging to the Earth

Tara Brach


Welcome anonymous dan. My friends really good to be with you. This evening's reflections are in honor of earth day. Which is tomorrow. I thought i'd start with a favourite story. this is a story about mullah nozzle who's sufi weisman also somewhat of a jokester and in this story. He's resting under the shade of a tall luscious walnut tree and as he's daydreaming he notices these huge pumpkins that are growing on delicate vine snaking across the ground and then he looks up and a squint semi cici's tiny little walnuts growing on these magnificent trees and he says how strange mother nature is and he's thinking plump pumpkins grow on the spine the little vines while these little walnuts have their own impressive tree and just then a walnut fell from above and it landed with a you know on on mullah nazar dean's head and he rubs his sore head and picks up the fallen walnut and it looks high up toward the branches of the tree then he looks over thankfully at swollen pumpkins growing safely on the ground and he says oh mother nature. You are wise and i love this because as we know there are just so many learnings and insights being in the natural world as well as healing. There's a growing scientific. Fueled echo therapy. Some are familiar and if you do a review of the literature national institute of health research is demonstrating the positive impact of nature whether seeing pictures are being outside on longevity on medical recovery. Pain reduction Ptsd stress in attention deficit dementia anxiety depression loneliness spiritual wellbeing nature being in nature affects relating with others. We become more generous. There's more pro social behavior

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