MediCaid & You - All You Need to Know


Today with me is sylvia green and she is going to be talking to us about a kick. I know nothing about this is a good one. To chat about things medicaid. I told her. I have to remember to call medicated. Not medical so thank you for coming on and philly lewis in on everything. We need to know about medicaid. Thank you jennifer for. Having me on excited atom you have a company that deals specifically in medicaid services. So they want to start there. Or i'm not even sure where it's a good place to start. Definitely yes yes. So tenable senior planning. We are medicaid planning service and we assist individuals and seniors and their loved ones with the medicaid planning process and the actual medicaid application process. So senator the process can be quite challenging. Yes it is. You know definitely a lot of documentation that's required on a lot of knowledge that's required so that you know what documentations wired and you know what to do with assets what you can do what you should do. You know what your options are so definitely it is. It is a process. That is very daunting. Especially when you're not a professional at it or like dealing with people like i just i don't deal well with banks insurance companies any of those regulated type. Things is just what it is. I have like a visceral reaction two minutes on hold. And i'm just like losing my mind that stuff up to my husband which is much better.

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