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Bringing another podcast episode out between this episode. And the last time we recorded. I did half marathon. Angie did a ten mile race so we've been doing some in-person races in our neck of the woods and my half marathon. The first in person race that. I've done in over a year so small trail marathon. It was really fun though to do it in person race except for the morning of the race. It's like pouring down rain outside. I know so. I'm like why am i gonna go run in the rain when i can just do on a nicer day but i'm glad i went in to get very wet and gotten massive blisters on my feet so i should have taped my feet before going out there and angie. I don't know if you've probably done plenty of runs where you just have to like. Go straight through the water like there's no getting around it. Yeah exactly. It's always a recipe for blisters me. Yes unfortunately the feet can be uncomfortable area if you have. What shoes and socks. So what else is going on. Well i registered for the bozeman montana half marathon. That's going to take place in september and excited. My sister. autumn is going to register for the marathon and we're going to hope to combine the race with visit with my family out there and then registration also opened for the in-person boston. Marathon will be in october. So i threw my name in the application process. Hopefully be able to get into that. Nice has some news also from the running world last couple days yeah. It was really exciting. Dez linden broke the fifty k. World record with a time of two hours fifty nine minutes and fifty four seconds in oregon becoming the first woman to run sub. Three hours at the fifty k. Distance and just to think how mind blowing this is that is maintaining a five minute. Seven second mile for thirty one point one miles or thirty six per kilometer. So that's just blazing fast for a long time for sure in other marathon news morocco. You jetta age. Sixty two broke her own women's sixty plus marathon world record by running two hours fifty two minutes and one second at a marathon in tokyo beating her previous time by twelve seconds. Now that is super impressive. That time i mean. I will kill that time. Not literally but sixty two years old just goes to show that age is just a number like to give some shoutouts like say congratulations to michelle. She completed her three hundred mile. Challenge in a big way. By running her first marathons. That was really exciting to see. Also we heard from tammy. She says my pandemic goal was achieved. I did three hundred sixty. Five days of consistent. Running for a total of seventeen hundred and ninety nine miles in all types of weather elevations i saw about three hundred sunrises and my eleven year old son join me for seventy one runs and two hundred and thirty miles. I guess since. I missed the two thousand mile mark by a few miles. I'll have to make it my goal for twenty twenty. One is a lot of running. And she's also really good at tracking her progresses sounds like how many sunrises and yeah i think. That's really neat. Because i know for me being able to see my statistics and look back to see where my running has taken me in the beautiful things. I've been able to see just makes the process so much more meaningful and we also heard from franken the social distancing group. He says i reached three hundred miles before. My grand baby was born. So i'm just now getting around saying. Thank you to angie and trevor forgiving. This old man an opportunity to keep doing hard things you keep us going since you keep moving the finish line five hundred miles here we come. I also wanted to show off my favourite. Mta hat oh and the baby too. And he posted a picture of him holding his new grand baby wearing his mta had now. We're going to get a half for the baby and this comes from academy member dipped. She says i went into this weekend. Really thinking i was just going to run my virtual half marathon with easy effort and not push for my goal of sub two hours. I have a lot of excuses going through my head. But i think the main thing was that i was scared of failing once i got out and started running could feel that i was ready and i started trusting in my training. It was really tough especially the last few miles. But i did it. Finish it in one hour. Fifty seven minutes and forty two seconds and i'm so happy always go after your goals and don't let excuses stop you from achieving them all right. We agree congrats on Going sub to there is another interesting post This is from one of our coaches coach. Steve walden he did a double crossing at the grand canyon where you go from ram to rim to rim which is forty one miles. I believe and When he got to the parking lot of either the trail hater where he was staying. I don't know he saw a car in the parking lot with an mta sticker. We don't know who it belongs to. So there's a fellow emptier out there at the grand canyon in april so if you have a gray hyundai with mta sticker on the back of your car if you hear this let us know because we were very curious about who was there. We'll just shows the mta. People go to all the best places. Angie in fact you were at your ten miler and someone recognize your hat. I think right. Yeah someone yelled go. Mta school. I mean we sent out a couple of thousand of those hats now. So i think the likelihood of being spotted in one or spotting somebody with one is gradually increasing as we leave our mark upon this world. Hopefully it's a good one. Hopefully this is a good one. Two we were talking about tapering in this episode. As far as we know we've never devoted a whole episode to tapering. Angie happens to be tapering for marathon. That she has coming up. And probably a lot of you are tapering as well or will be one day so we want to share some tips on how to do it and why do it. So without further ado here is the art of the taper off so

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