US House Passes Bill to Make Washington, DC, the 51st State


For the second time in history the house passed legislation. That would make washington. Dc a state. Bill passed along party lines. And the partisan interests here very clear right statehood for dc would mean at least in the short term probably adding two democratic senators. Of course democrats have been very obvious. Interest in making that happen and republicans are dead set on opposing it but democrats also have a very basic persuasive argument here about representation. I mean there's seven. Hundred thousand of our fellow. Americans who live in dc and have no voting representatives in congress. House senate meaning. They have a delegate they can elect to congress. That person does not actually get to vote on anything. Republicans will they don't really have any good arguments against it as you can see whenever they come out to defend their position with dc statehood. Dc wouldn't even qualify as a singular congressional district. And here they are. They want the power and the authority of being an entire state in the united states. Now that's a little bit of a tough sell as an argument to make while standing right next to congresswoman liz cheney representative for wyoming single at large district representing a hundred thousand fewer people than the population of dc. Steve scalise louisiana. who wants famously likened himself to former. Kkk leader calling himself. David duke with the baggage. Scalise sounding this racist dog whistle about the crime. Rate in dc quote. Why should the district of columbia be granted statehood when it can't even perform basic mental duties like protecting its residents from criminals.

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