How to Tackle Tough Conversations at Work with Brendan Wovchko


My guest. today is brian. Wasco brendan is the senior technology officer. Here ramsey solutions he oversees all our product engineering teams and through his career. He's had to have a lot of uncomfortable conversations and he's actually gotten really good at it. He's done it in a way. That's very effective. In fact he's become resident expert with our leadership team on how to do this and he teaches it internally in. It's really good stuff so we said let's bring him on the podcast because we know business leaders everywhere dealing with this issue before we jump into brendan's process i i wanted to ask him about. Why is it so hard as leaders for us to embrace uncomfortable conversations. The hardest part about leadership is you have to lead from a place of giving what you never got. When you're in that position like you just you don't have any instrumentation at all. You know and If you've never been in a situation where somebody has had a healthy conflict with you. It's really hard to know how to it. Yourself re reproduce what is healthy conflict even look like is in most parts of life not just work healthy conflicts. Not we typically another one of the things you've taught us and worked with a lot of our leaders on is really thinking about the come that you want before you just kind of parachute into one of these conversations. You won't have plan for the which we'll talk about in a second. I'm but say more about that. The idea of beginning with the end in mind. Yes so. I mean. I think if you're about to have your first hard conversation with someone you do have to keep the end in mind you know. The end can be one of multiple things but probably the two most obvious conclusions. Are we talk about it. Once it gets fixed were done which is which is kind of a you know. That's the kind of thing that you wanna do. A brain all go that they don't go that way so you know if all you do is walk into every conversation just assuming that it's going to be a one time thing you're probably gonna end up getting yourself in some hot water in the long term

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