A highlight from 1507: [Part 2] I Bought A Home at 22: It Was One of the Most Rewarding Financial Decisions Ive Ever Made by Jamila Souffrant


And. I'm your host an personal finance enthusiast. Diana mariam this is the show where a retail from some of the best personal finance blogs on the planet sometimes a little too enthusiastically. But i can't help it. Money is an incredible resource that we can use to craft the life of our dreams. So thanks for joining me today and every day. You have a question you'd like answered here on the show. Go ahead and send it over to finance at o. l. d. podcasts dot com. And you will hear from me soon even if your question is answered on a qna episode. I do my very best to answer every email. Today's post is actually a continuation from yesterday. So if you're new here it'd be best. Listen yesterday's i but if you're all caught up let's hear part two and continue optimizing your life. I bought a home at twenty two. It was one of the most rewarding financial decisions. I've ever made part to by jamila. Sue front of journey to launch dot com. I learned how to weigh risk versus reward. Win the excitement were off and really head. I quickly realized that. I may have been off more than i could chew.

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