EU regulator says AstraZeneca vaccine 'safe and effective'


The european medicines agency has concluded that the astra zeneca covid nineteen vaccine is safe and effective. A review of the job came after thirteen states suspended. Its use over. Fears of linked to blood clots. But the now says the vaccine is not linked with a higher risk of clots. Well for more. I'm joined from brussels by darren. Mccaffrey the political editor euronews. A darn good morning to you and thanks for joining us with the doubts then about the vaccine. Will this kind all started last week or georgina. A in italy and austria where the reports of suspected blood clots for people who received that vaccine in fact amand had died in those extended to norway last weekend's and more importantly specifically to germany on monday and that led to a whole swathe of countries at particular the big four in the european union. It's the spain and france and germany deciding to suspend the use of the astrazeneca vaccine on what they call the precautionary principle so just in case essentially and that meant that the em aid and investigated these claims and yesterday. She said e kook. The director insisted that the vaccine was safe and effective. They said they couldn't find any link at all between an increase in blood clots and the vaccine however they did also that they couldn't rule arts at that there may be one specific type. Ucla cloth that has seen an increase and they couldn't rule out that that might be linked to it book again. Mccook pointed all medicine. All medicine has got side effects. You pick up a box of paracetamol at. You'll see that. In the most extreme circumstances it is possible. You might a reaction to its the point. Is that risk does not outweigh the benefits of this vaccine is the ema insisted yesterday. There are houses of people dying every day today tomorrow the next day across europe from corona virus and that this vaccine will help save lives or stop people getting ill. It will stop the main open hospital. It will stop them dying. And that's why they have consistently said that countries should have carried on using the astrazeneca vaccine an interest in the of course while not all countries stopped it for example they didn't hear belgian said. It would be irresponsible to do so. It is interesting the eu countries. Listen to the european medicines agency yesterday but ignored advice all week. The advice consistently has been not to stop the use of the astrazeneca vaccine. And i mean it just seems such a giant waste of time in terms of a race that everybody is trying to keep up with to suspend this for four really what has appeared to be no reason i mean as any woman knows taking the contraceptive pill as a much higher. Incidence of blood clots. Indeed i think from their point of view and this is where it gets complicated here in european union. Of course you've got european agency which is kind of the overarching body that authorizes drugs and authorized vaccines but you then also have national regulators. Who essentially gets to decide how those rules applied or or whether a member state should've finds by those rules when it comes to germany and where we saw a whole swathes countries at backing germany. The was the principal. There's also concerns about potential legal action because ultimately this is a state authorized vaccine service ad. That's been offered obviously to every german. And i think there was concern. That even could be farmed and they had data evidence to say that the wasn't increase increasing site. When it came to one specific type of blood clots the wilkinson's that may well open the german state of legal action and they wanted it to be investigated but yet. In retrospect all men many of these member states looking back. I answer that decision and decided it was the right one to do. Given the unfair. I would suggest damage reputation of astra zeneca for a whole load of ruse reasons across the eu and the damage that might do to the overall vaccine program. I'm not entirely sure was the right thing to

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