Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to visit with Asian-American leaders in Atlanta


Here is traveling to Atlanta today was supposed to be a visit for the help is here Tour, but now it's changed into something else. Yes. Good morning. They've added some events and meeting to take place with Asian American leaders in the Atlanta area after the shooting that happened on Tuesday that killed eight people, including six Asian women. The president and vice president want to highlight the increase in Asian American violence that's happened over the past year. Some cities say the increase is about 150% increase in the violent attacks on Asians, actually, and that's not even the worst of it in the UK police there say there's been a 300% increase in hate crimes door Chinese eastern Southeast Asians. And Rory President. Biden has acknowledged that there's not an established motive that the shooting rampage in Atlanta was motivated by a hate crime against Asian Americans. But does today's visit suggest otherwise. Well, I think the problem's going to try to stay clear of that because it is still an ongoing investigation. But you know, the victims of the community has still been victimized. That is the Asian community in Atlanta has still been traumatized by this attack this week, so he's going there as the consoler in chief. We know that the job he's good at, um, you know, I think it's the Irish the mike and say that is Antonio thinking it wakes and funerals. That's what we do. But so I think he's going to talk about, you know the plague of violence That's happened over the past year, specifically targeting people not as much about exactly what happened this week. And he's also going to

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