Beauty Industry Vet Lori Jacobus Tells Us the Best Brands That Deliver Results

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Career. Beauty has really led you to find works. What does it do you sharing. What are some of your favorites. What are your go-to so now. I mean honestly. My skin is very different today than it was when i started at strike back. Didn't wanna start at muir at which for some years ago And so for all of my. Let's say over forty listeners. Out there I really think the most important thing you can do for your skin is find. Truly medical grade products knocked developed physician. Developed pharmaceutical develops products that deliver results. And i'm a huge fan of stem cells. I know a lot of people. Don't like it and make bill it's controversial and it's cetera et cetera et cetera. But i'm gonna tell you that's where the magic happens. The magic happens in at the level of the stem cell in the product. So i'm a huge fan of and i know you've talked to these lovely ladies allard with tns love love. Love love sem. So okay. I was gonna say ten. S is amazing Also you know by the way glow skin. We're really like if if people when it comes to growth hormone or if you feel like you need something that is not derived from human tissue They have a good option. But but you like the skin medica. Tns seen it be effective. I mean i had the opportunity just before. I came revitalize to to actually help develop a line of skin care products that were focused on stem cells specifically as both Human stem cell human camel stem cell as well as plant stem cell. And these were very ethically. The stencils are very ethically ride on bone donor. You know bone marrow donor done much in the same way. That donors who handles it was very safe. Worked with the lab. I had a personal experience of watching my skin change and evolve as a result of those products. And that made me. I was like that's it. That's do you feel do feel. Can you tell us what the line was. Yeah so it's called somali attack and it is still around. Unfortunately i don't think it's the exact same formulas as when i was working there. I don't even know that. It's the needy. I think it's more plant based now But it was a. I'm telling you. I worked there for five years and my skin did not age in that five year

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