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In news the new england patriots will sign hunter. Henry they really need a tight end so i'm glad they wait a second. This is terrible. You know the pa- people have hated the patriots because successful franchises get. Hey i'm not about that. But now i hate them because they have taken the top two agent tight ends and they ruined the values of both hunter. Henry and john lewis with what is going on. First of all dave. And jamie jamie you i. who do you rank higher. Who will you rank. Higher henry or smith debussy. All right they just draft toot sides last guys in the third round last year. What is going on to your four tied headset. hate this. who will i rank. Higher rank hunter henry higher. I think there's better touchdown potential for him. I think this really absolutely stinks. I mean obviously we. What was it less than an hour ago. We just got finished talking about john smith. It is hilarious to watch twitter and unfortunately unfortunately but more. Unfortunately i'm glued to twitter for the next week just because of all the news happening To see all of the jonnu smith memes and winners and losers and truth and not truth. There's now excited people were and how disappointing in depress people are now. This is not the twenty eleven patriots. This is not rob gronkowski and hernandez tom brady. Is is a cam. Newton does not. Tom brady so. This is not going to be the same outcome. This is good for new england. It's good for cam newton. It's bad for fantasy. Well i think we know what the patriots are going to do. And that's throw the ball. I dunno what seven hundred divided by sixteen games. They're gonna they're gonna let cam newton's arm take control this offense and they're gonna lean on both of these titans makes sense to me right. Let's let's win it on cams arm and utilize these two great tight end you were. I don't think you're obviously sarcastic enough there. I think may have taken you seriously no. I don't think anybody took me seriously. They're gonna. I would hope that they pass more. This was a team that threw the ball forty nine percent of the time last year and they were stat dead. Last in in deep ball attempts twenty plus yard attempts and the the numbers that jonnu hunter henry put up last year. Were pretty good. And they were unlimited targets. Maybe they're they're still unlimited targets. But i can't see them. I can't see them being as good i. I like john a little bit better. Because i think the patriots are gonna use him more as a receiver and under henry will be dual threat guy. Maybe hunter henry ends up with as many touchdowns jonnu but it stinks for both of them and what really needs to happen is for another quarterback to come into to new england and the weather spending money. Maybe they'll do that. Maybe they'll draft somebody but i to me. The sticking point is newton and the fact that he wasn't a good passer last year. I don't see how rebounds to a big degree this year. I don't see how this offense suddenly becomes one that throws five hundred and fifty. Times like the raiders. Did last year or over six hundred times like the chargers did last year. I don't i. Don't i don't feel this at all and i think i'm looking at a tight end and jonnu smith that i might be okay with having as my number one tight end to start the year and hunter. Henry is one where maybe i take him with. A with a pick past the midway point of my draft as a low low end number. One tight yeah. Are we talking about top twelve guys here. Nope i'm not sure if i'm going to put henry twelve and johnny johnny. Johnny was for me to begin with mike. Keep them right there. We're talking about logan thomas smith. No offense ingram that group there behind them. Yes hunter henry will probably be behind most of those guys for me. Yeah both for me. And i would think henry over donner. Where does cam cameras now. Got in two tight ends to wide receivers in twenty four hours. So if he's the starting quarterback for the patriots. We just did a big long hour. Long podcast talking about all this stuff and if you heard it was obviously before the hunter henry signing so outdated information. We didn't expect jonnu. Smith have this kind of competition. But we we call ryan's hannah hill loser thirteenth or so. Would you put cam. Newton ahead of ryan tannehill. No this is. I don't think he's playing sixteen games as the starter. I i think they have to address their future at the position. And so if the free agent market is where they're going to spend all of their money to fill some of these whole the draft. I think is they're gonna probably be aggressive triangle. Get a quarterback to some capacity known so I think cam is not top. Twenty upside. I don't think he's got fifteen upside but this could be short. Lived ranking situation. If they are aggressive in the draft and go get somebody may be in the top ten but i do think you know. You're hearing a lot about mack jones as a fit there and if that's the case then midway point of the season you could see replacement happening thirteen. Is that why. You're saying cam does not have top fifteen upside because you don't think he'll get the sixteen games or because you don't think he's good enough because i would just say that. Regardless of how bad is a passer his rushing prowess gives him top fifteen upside one hundred percent. It's more about the the ability to play and be the quarterback for sixteen games. But this this feels very much like they're going to be a still low volume passing offense this. They're they're gonna play. Their defense is gonna be dramatically better in. That's going back to i. Think the blueprint of what they want to be. And i think you're gonna see them. Run the ball. I think daming only michelle benefit from. This is a big way. Yeah good blocking tight ends. You had Damian harris as a loser an hour ago how do you feel. He still is because he's gonna share the ball and he's gonna lose going to cam. Yeah it's not going to catch passes you know what this feels like a team. That will be easy to avoid on draft day this year right. Take your patriots off your draft board. When are they going. Are they gonna sign willfuller in an hour.

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