Jamie Bristow Talks About Developing Agency In Urgent Times


Our guest today is jamie bristowe jamie. Welcome to the podcast. Glad to have you here. I need to be here so we're gonna talk about a few different things today. One will be the mindfulness initiative and want to hear more about that and then in particular one of the documents that your group has recently published. But i'd like to start by just helping the audience get a little bit more understanding about you and your background with mindfulness. Okay So i've been the director of the mindfulness initiative sort of work backwards if that's okay and so i've been the director of the mindfulness initiative which is like a policy institute think tank working with politicians primarily in the uk but also around the world for getting on for six years And i've been working in the mindfulness field. I guess for a few years more than that. I was the business. Development director had space Back in the days when has faced with like seven people in five desks north in london rather than the big Sort of global brand. That has become today and previous to that. I was trying to find my way into sharing. I learnt myself huge impact. It had them how to my life. I was lucky enough to Learn to meditate. When i was a student at university so i was a fresher. Eighteen years old and didn't think much of it was just like another experience like join only different societies to try. Try out different. Things ultimate frisbee or amateur dramatics. Meditation was just like one of those things along for like. Oh wow i can. I can close my eyes radically alter my subjective experience just by applying myself that's cool And then kind of forgot about it because there were so many other exciting things to and dive into well. I knock him dipped in and out of it but it wasn't until i had my first like graduate graduated job. I was a young advertising executive. Just really going to be graded advertising and I was working on like a nissan misano. Nissan is he saying this in the states at the time like descending. suv's essentially and I was really stressful. Like i'm struggling to concentrate. The lifestyle was cheering me up to an extent and so i really at that point started to really invest in it rather than being in thing. I did now again. Became a regular practice. And i as it's been charted in the academic literature people often start for self-regulation benefit. You know for me. It was it. Was the attention thing like i needed to i. I as a kid i was. Add at the end of the spectrum so i Got myself regulation benefit. I could concentrate but then it then you know develops center from self regulation to self expiration and then like wow. There's much more to me. And to and to life. I guess than i thought that was and then moving on from that to self transcendence of because if the final of the three raises the phases. The one one paper has charted. And sure i started practicing for reasons other than myself I'm that she had the advertising world wasn't wasn't right for reasons. The myself is So i left. That world went into climate. Change campaigning And through that like realize. What a piece of mindfulness was for me in making that journey from sending. Suv's to selling responsiveness to climate climate crisis And and so yet. That's that's why. I find my way into doing what i'm doing now. Really the kind of social implications of widespread contemporary give a practices. Jimmy thank you so much for that background. And it's it's fascinating to hear different ways. Each person may find some value in this that we might be brought to it for a particular reason. Focus and then. It's oh my there's more stuff here to hearing about your time in head space. Andy putty comas. One of the first interviews. I did another pug guests many years ago before it got really really big. And so with that you've had this practice that's been part of your life that has been beneficial transformative to you and then along came in some fashion. The mindfulness initiative. How did that get started. While i was working head space at the time and i was invited by chris. Colin who's leading teacher at oxford. Mindfulness center and i'm teaching politicians in the british parliament From he and mark williams from about two thousand and his spring two thousand and thirteen a year or so later. Those who who. Who had been on a mindfulness course started to become interested in the science behind what they've found and what the policy implications might be. Because often you know when you find that it's really helping you know about is. How do i get this. You know and you reach for the most obvious thing you bring into your school or you tell you family about it but politicians that like the policy lever is like you can. How do we get this into

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