Metal Shredding Company Move Sparks Protests

Environment: NPR


In chicago there's a big fight over plans to build a metal recycling facility. The controversy has united environmental justice advocates across the country. Linda button of member station. Wbz has more. This story starts on. Chicago's northside where a metal shredding company called general iron operated for a century picture mountains of mangled scrap metal giant cranes. Picking up rusted cars as if they were toys. Lara compton says she's been traumatized from living nearby. The fumes were just overwhelming. Your eyes would start to water. Near knows with burn he would taste the metal on your tongue. Workers in has met suits walked through her neighborhood. Picking up auto fluff a byproduct of incinerating cars general iron shutdown last year after numerous violations and further gentrification of the area but the same owners want to open a new facility on the city's south east side. They claim this one will be state of the art far from homes on a former steel mill site in an area long zoned for industry southeast side residents and environmental activists olga about. These has a name for that plan. This is environmental. Racism bringing a known polluter from a wealthy white community to a black and brown community is environmental racism. Forty years ago about teast family was drawn to this neighborhood. Specifically because of the heavy industry my family is originally from mexico and even in their dusty little towns in may he learned. There was work in the steel mills. Here and now we're dealing with the pollution that was left behind.

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