The Benefits of Lateral Sled Dragging

Mind Pump


Been doing a lot of will. Not a lot of only. The second time is lateral sled dragging. Yeah man i did it last week. Coordination down yet. It's practicing little one still like count it as you're going it's Because i did. It was last week with you. Guys had just kind of walk me through how to do it and immediately afterwards. I felt so good like my hips and my legs felt so good. So i'm going to do them every workout. That's one of those things you know like. I'm always trying to voice that as much as possible like you gotta move in different directions. You just your body is built to more than what's in front of me and what's in back of me. I noticed that. I have to between my two sides This is a new thing. I just really realized my hip abduction. So it's bringing your lake. Outright is different from my left and my right shirts it's net. It's not a good discrepancies. Big so i'm like okay. I need to practice because the can be a amazing that we're going we're trainers and we still struggle with this struggle to do it. I'm so

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