Dan Gilbert announces plan to invest $500M in Detroit neighborhoods


$500 million to revitalize Detroit's neighborhoods over the next 10 years. At a press conference, Gilbert said today's announcement is a doubling down on our commitment to Detroit, its people its mayor, It's Council, it's county executive in its future. Expect this first investment to impact every neighborhood across the city through the Gilbert Family Foundation and rock community Fund. We hope this half billion dollar investment will touch every single detroiter in some way, shape or form. The first investment will be $15 million targeted toward 20,000 homeowners who have unpaid property Texas The city admitted to overcharging Detroit property owners to the tune of $600 Million Unpaid taxes, Gilbert said, helped move the city into blight when people walked away from their homes because they couldn't afford them. Wayne County Executive Warren Evans announced the county would kick in another $5 million for Foreclosure prevention funds. There was a serious

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