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As we've all learned over the past twelve months due to the pandemic tools like zoom in slack at made it a lot easier to get our work done without being in the office but there is a downside to all this money. You're right bret. It feels like your workday has gotten a lot longer and if you feel that way you're not alone because we have tech nearby to help us work. It's become a lot harder to call it a day at the end of the day which we never get to. Sometimes joining now is usa today. Tech reporter terry collins who wrote a story about our longer work days that you can read on tech dot usa today dot com terry. Good too heavy back in man. How bad is it Man well thanks for having again and bread. I appreciate it. It's bad because you know it just comes down to the to be having you know for many of us. We restarted decide when it's time to turn off the switch. It's one of the things we're all experiencing you know and we may be in denial about it for wine. A urine pandemic grape will be working and having jobs in order to pay our bills liberal lives and whatnot and then to. it's just also been a great distraction. Take our minds off of well. We'll still in this pandemic you know trying to ward off trying to be safe from this deadly disease subjects in my story Tina schweiger said quote sometimes to take a shower. Or sometimes i don't. It's still not to do things because of kobe. And if you enjoy working ten scale it up you'll say oh i'll do a bit more. Research knocked email out. She basically said it's very easy to slip out of work. My story i mentioned a harvard business school study of more than three million people worldwide said average workdays increased by almost forty nine minutes from the pandemic early stages now by forty percent and a gartner study damaging story about forty percent. Say the workdays become longer and and gonna research spoke to Alexa cameron said turn workdays are somewhere between the two or three hours longer when we were back mcgrew working in the office. So that gives you an indication that some many ways we were we are working longer. So are there specific trends. That experts have spotted that are pointing to why we're working longer days while we're all remote while some of those reasons. Are you know we have problems disconnecting and we have like digital attractions Overloads hurt bringing noise. We were as as i was talking and the research. I spoke to mix to working longer. It's well said up that there's a growing consensus that That we're we're more more times in stressful working together working Apart from where we were in person and it one of those reasons were having more virtual meetings in debt therefore to be harder to the gate coworkers body language there's more vigil visual information to adjust included slide shows graphics and also being seen on camera curbs need to have you know quote unquote an on air personality. Well that yeah. I think i've felt that way to you. Know yeah hold on you know we get more phone calls for tax. Were emails more messages. Almost what you said. Mike and and you know we are seeing each other in a workplace. So we're always just have this no always on mentality. Why also wonder if you know. Sometimes since i'm working at home i take a break to put a little andrea. Enter to go make a sandwich. And then i feel guilty. When six o'clock comes that. I'm don't stick around longer to any advice. These folks gave you that you found from people that you interviewed that. I'm how to cut back on some of these extra forty nine minutes or two to three hours depending on what craziness year involved in. Yeah yeah they. We should really try to take a break one possible. Whether that's a series of by timothy breaks across the day edition of maybe taken an hour hour long lunch at teachers said than done especially in our line of work. I like one of my subsequent story. Kelly christoffersen who works at a houston based opera company. Said that quote we were just ourselves becoming available as multiple worse are always online whether we admit it or not. And i said we're more vulnerable. And says that i guess is more of a share experience through the pandemic raw trying to adapt and get through it. She example Talked to her depth shit april meetings on on platforms or you can zoom will meet. Microsoft teams webex. Her meeting her. I mean again at seven and then she purposely disconnected by pm and she's doing virtual the following day she tries to go poor rhyme or take a walk and she has her poem with her but she tries to not take a look at her. Feel it when when it's going up. She wants to check. Take that break and so we just have to just try to find the strength to know when when to step away and there are some employers. Who are trying to help do that. As well as i mentioned a company in iowa tech engineering company in austin texas there were gonna initiative to create a better work life balance one things. They've done in begay their workers two weeks off without impacting their vacation time and some of the departments are tested. A no me fridays. It's as we've got into this a year ago to work remotely and we've also got a way to continue to work remotely but also without jeopardizing our welby. I'm sure a lot of listeners would love a no meeting monday in a no meeting tuesday and meeting wednesday and run down the week but thanks as always for joining us. It was great having you and look forward to having you on again. Big appreciate it

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