Bangladesh Celebrates 50 Years of Independence

Between The Lines


This marks the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of bangladesh. The victory of bangladeshi forces over the occupying army of pakistan on twenty-sixth much nineteen seventy one. The independence of bangladesh was declared by the father of the nation. Bangabandhu sheikh mujibur him on now soon after independence henry kissinger he was us. President richard nixon's national security advisor kissinger called bangladesh. A basket case and the people of this south asian nation of about one hundred and sixty three million. Well i spent the better part of the next five decades refuting that label the look bangladesh. Today is booming achieved an average of five point. Five percent growth for more than a decade life expectancy also risen sharply from about forty five. Can you believe this. Forty five and nine hundred sixty to seventy two today and according to the un this month no longer should bangladesh be classified as a least developed country. It's

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