Will No Contact Work On A FWB?


I wanna talk about whether no contact will work on a friend with benefits. I have an email here from a client of mine that i did a coaching session with and he outlined everything beforehand and i have his permission to use it. Of course. so we're gonna find out if you will work on a friend with benefits but it could also apply to whether it will work on someone you dated casually some anew did not have exclusivity with so when you went one date with. Will it work. So i'll read through his story. And then i will tell you what i think so he starts off with. I'm a former. Us army soldier retired cop a detective and now trained to be a firefighter. So obviously he's very strong physically. I dated a woman for approximately sixteen months and we stopped seeing each other six months ago. Were both in our fifties. The first six months of our relationship quote unquote was essentially a friends with benefits situation where we saw each other approximately two four times per month and it was essentially just sex. After the first to dinner dates we eventually started developing feelings in about the first six months. She said she would like to see me more. I agreed so that was a bit of a red flag for me. Only because if you're having sex with the woman she will tend to become attached a lot sooner than six months so the fact that it took her six months to say that she wants to see you more tells me that you may not be the only person. She sang a little while later. I asked what we actually were and that was his first mistake. And by the way anything. I say here about him. I already told him on the phone. So it's not going to be surprised. That's beta move as much as i hate to say

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