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Come to the promised. Podcast brought to you on t. Lv one the voice of the city. That was just proposed as a possible venue for the twenty thirty six olympics which will be the thirty sixth modern olympics now that the international olympic committee just decided that the thirty fifth olympiad in twenty thirty two will be in brisbane australia. The twenty thirty six games are now for bid. The proposal was floated. in last. week's berliner morgenpost in a column written by franck koale ski a lead organizer of the two thousand and eighteen european track and field championships in berlin and ricard ming. The president of the german olympic association. The two men began by observing. What maybe obvious that berlin could not host the twenty thirty six games because berlin hosted the nineteen thirty six weeks which were by then german. Chancellor adolf hitler and held in stadiums festooned with swastikas. You may remember. There was some unpleasantness back. Then so berlin is out or is it. Kurowski wrote quote so why not send a completely new strong signal of peace and reconciliation in twenty thirty six a signal that does not hide from history but takes up the responsibility that comes from it. It would be such a signal. If and israel apply together more precisely berlin and tel aviv with the sailing and surfing competitions on the eastern mediterranean but also with other sports such as beach volleyball in israel's lively metropolis as a clear signal of how responsibility arises from obligation visit vision. Nothing more admittedly germany is in the middle of a pandemic faces a challenge in leadership in the federal elections and is currently quite a long way from long term plans. Israel's current policies are hard for the international community to accept and there are no credible gestures of reconciliation with the palestinians on the horizon and yet berlin tel aviv in particular to liberal and pulsating metropolises could stand together for a different spirit for perspective gets us beyond the present. This could become clear in the application process. Which will take a few years. We can give the world a sign that it is possible to learn from history end quote within germany. There were those like minister of interior horse z. Hopper who said that under no circumstances could germany possibly hold the centennial of the one thousand nine hundred sixty olympics back in berlin quote. It cannot happen end quote reporting on the idea. Here you wrote dryly noted that quote the last time. Germany hosted olympic games in munich in nineteen seventy two when eleven members of the israeli delegation. Were murdered by the palestinian terrorist organization. Black september and quote the q. E. d. motherfuckers was not spelled out explicitly clearly implied by the writers idiot. The municipality of tel aviv has not yet replied. Formerly though rumors on the street are there are people working for the city to the idea seriously arguably nothing catchers the spirit of this city. We love so well. Tel aviv off. Oh better than being seen in an admittedly happe- scheme as the proof that while nazi germany one by far the most medals in nineteen thirty six eighty nine medals to the fifty six that the runner up united states to comb. It did not win history itself because this city tel aviv is as alive as any city anywhere in the world has ever been. This is a very special episode of the promise. Podcast i am recording on yomas karen on memorial day or to be more specific memorial day for the fallen soldiers of the wars of israel and victims of actions of terrorism who according to the defense ministry now number twenty three thousand nine hundred twenty eight this in the one hundred and sixty one years since eighteen sixty a bit over an hour ago there was the two minute siren when most everyone and everything in the country stops and now families are at cemeteries visiting graves of people they love and then just a few hours. We'll have that miraculous impossible. Moment of transition from morning to celebration of the seventy third independence day of the state of israel and rather than talking about the day to day stuff that we usually talk about stuff that really matters but still the stuff that koala please ask. These calls vanities and vexations of the spirit. We decided instead to each of us. Share a bit about your mood about israeli independence. Day kind of from our family to your family as you'll hear and kind of significantly won't here for some of us. This was cinci and for some of us. It was hard to try to figure out what we have to say about this amazing complicated inspiring and vexing place. You can hear this in what ohio has to say and i guess it is. They're in a different way. In the fact that sally ended up not saying anything at all though she planned to and she got sick to but still for her independence day is a whole nother thing. It's a whole nother thing. If you are a palestinian citizen of israel complicated in ways that. I'm pretty sure. I don't fully understand but god. I wish that i did for me. I have a lot of complicated thoughts about this complicated place but bottom line. I am intoxicated by israel in love with his end for me. Know matt's mood is pure celebration of something that still seems like a miracle nested in a miracle enveloped by a miracle. You'll matt's mood really is one of my favorite days of the year alongside susan's birthday and the girls and the boys a day. When i am amazed at my luck to be part of this story between our little stories. What a country. Maybe the most straight up way ever they'll be classic songs from the classic israeli songbook done by people than the people who made them into classics. If you know me you know that. I love covers. Because covers our immed- rush a learned commentary on a song you know at the same time both tribute and subversion what my kids are doing to what my parents and grandparents did it start issuing and it's a constant source of inspiration and optimism. And you hear that in these songs. So let's start by listening to this. Tish you

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